Anixter Center

Anixter Center Janitorial Services

Anixter Center Janitorial Services provides quality, multifaceted cleaning services to companies, industries and organizations, and helps customers clean, maintain and organize their facilities, work spaces and environments.


Customer benefits include:

  • Development of a individualized Quality Assurance Plan
  • Experienced, committed and dedicated management team
  • A focus on customer wants and needs
  • Targets:
    • On-time performance
    • Meeting all objectives
  • Free estimate
  • A reliable, enthusiastic and skilled workforce composed of individuals with disabilities

Industry experience includes the following:

  • High-rise office complexes
  • College campuses
  • Child care facilities and schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Research and EPA labs
  • Retail establishments
  • Postal facilities
  • Federal offices
  • Computer labs
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouse spaces

Since 1981, Anixter Center Janitorial Services employees have been involved in cleaning and maintaining many Chicagoland complexes, offices, plants and facilities. Janitorial Services has received awards from the U.S. Postal Service and other government agencies for its performance, and credits this and other successes to an intense focus on high-quality standards and attention to customer needs. 

"Do our employees approach their tasks with a higher level of dedication and commitment to a job well done than other services out there? My opinion is that they most definitely do." Jack Creagh, Director of Anixter Center Janitorial Services

For more information contact Anixter Center Janitorial Services:
(847) 472-9355 x224 (voice)
(773) 929-8210 (TTY)