Anixter Center

Anixter Center's Training Institute

The Anixter Center Training Institute provides training for social service organizations and employees on disability-related matters along with basic health, safety and social issues. It is an educational arm of Anixter Center that offers an array of professional training events geared to social service organizations and personnel that serves people with disabilities.

Being a primary provider of services to people with disabilities within the Chicago area, Anixter Center recognizes the need to develop professional training both for their own employees and other social service organizations. Focusing on the unique issues involving people with disabilities and the factors facing those who serve them, Anixter Center’s Training Institute developed and offers the following instructional programs:

"The goal of our training programs is to educate people about the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and then offer participants valuable information and real understanding." Katie Yamashiroya, Training Institute Director

For more information contact the Anixter Center Training Institute:
(773) 929-8200 x229 (voice)
(773) 929-3779 (TTY)